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Religious Art of Dennis Moran
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Religious Art of Dennis Moran


Suspended Cross in our church in the round

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Three-dimensional Cross with Dove Carving

When John and Diane Hawes were replacing their fence, they took two weathered boards to make a simple rustic cross to hang in the sanctuary for the Easter Sunday service.  Little did they realize the impact that would have for our two congregations.

When I thought of a cross for our church in the round, I remembered their cross.  We were replacing part of our deck which had been made from heart redwood so here was a source of weathered wood.  I wanted to create a sculptural cross in the round so I designed it with four horizontal members instead of two, as it would slowly rotate in the center of the sanctuary.

Where the four horizontal  cross members converge, I wanted to incorporate the shape of a dove to represent the Holy Spirit. The Greek word for Holy Spirit, ”Hagios Pneuma”, and the Hebrew word for spirit, “Ruah”, have double meanings.  Besides “spirit”, they also mean ”breath” or “wind”.

The wings of the dove reach out on the horizontal cross members and the body of the dove is carved out to create a negative space so the wind or breath can blow through it.  The tail is a positive shape to draw your eye onto the center of the cross.  All the pieces were laminated together before I started carving to free the final form.



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Cross suspended above the altar

We share our grounds and church facility with the Episcopal Church of Almaden

Congregational Church of Almaden Valley, UCC and the ECA Episcopal Church share our grounds and church facility as part of a "Joint Venture."

Congregational Community Church of Almaden Valley in San Jose, CA (UCC - United Church of Christ)

Almaden Valley Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) is located in San Jose, CA.

Congregational Church of Almaden Valley, San Jose, California

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